What A Night.

This weekend was absolutely lovely.

I attended Farmacie 4.0 on Saturday evening and these dinners are always just so amazing.

Basically, Farmacie is about connecting food and people. At each long table dinner, which are held in Vancouver, 100% of the proceeds go to local organizations and start ups.

You can read all about Farmacie HERE.

This time around, it was all about the SEA aka FARM-A-SEA.

All proceeds went to Living Oceans Society, which is Canada’s largest non-profit that focuses on marine conservation.

Anywho, onto the good stuff.

I’ve helped out with set-up twice now and its always the best time. We hang twinkle lights and turn schools, gardens, and woodworking spaces into cozy, magical meccas of happiness.

Check it out.



IMG_0406 IMG_0409IMG_0411 IMG_0412


And After

IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_0421

First we dine and drink all the wine.

IMG_0424 IMG_0426

One of my favourite things about Farmacie is that I get to meet people that I would otherwise not. Of course you arrive with your friends or dates but then you sit across or beside someone you don’t know and make that connection.

Food is served family style so it’s all about sharing and just enjoying the evening together. It’s really beautiful, humbling, and you always leave feeling so full of love and happiness. There’s something about shared meals with strangers and loved ones that will get ya every time.


I didn’t take many photos of the food but dine we did. We had a lovely array of fresh bread and butter, soup, salads, fish and potatoes, and the most unreal dessert. Lavender and honey pie and beet and carrot cake – of course I fully remember the dessert..the best part!



IMG_0452 IMG_0436


Of course we get a little carried away with dancing and wine but that’s just the way I like it!

Image 1

IMG_0454 IMG_0451

Just the loveliest people in the whole wide world.

IMG_0448 IMG_0455

Believe it or not, I made it to spin Sunday morning at 945. I have no idea how but I was definitely one sleepy cat. Oy Vey.

What did you get up to this weekend?


  • Brittany says:

    What…a…BLAST! You look so adorable.

  • First off youre beautiful! And this looks so fun…. I feel like I’ve missed out on many unique opportunities that madison, WI has to offer and now i’m about to move to middle of no where. le sigh.

    i was deadly ill all last weekend. so i got up to go to bathroom and eat popsicles.

  • Amy says:

    This looks amazing!!! And you look so incredibly happy! Makes me even happier :) xo

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