All The Things.

Phew, it’s been a busy week here in Vancouver.

First and foremost: I have an apartment again! Finally.

It’s been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier. It’s in the perfect location, it’s a 2 bedroom with a balcony, and my homegirl Christy is my roomie.

Love her face.


Her dad came strolling through the door with flowers on our move-in day and it was just magical.


Now because I’ve been working so much I haven’t gotten a chance to move anything in except for my bed. I need to go to my storage space and move that as well as all my things at my brothers.

This week is the week and I can’t wait.


Secondly, I have a new job! Still at lululemon of course but now I am also working at Cadence Cycling. Yup, you guessed it – a spin studio!

Couldn’t be happier. Right now I am working the front desk signing people in and also making yummy smoothies in the lounge. But… (drumroll please) I will also be training to be a spin instructor!


In the meantime I whip up yummy smoothies in the Vitamix. Now that I have used it and know just how glorious they are, I absolutely must save and buy one in the near future.

IMG_0510 IMG_0512

I’ve been pretty tired though. I’m done training now but I was working a lot these last two weeks. Twice a week my day would be 6am-2pm at Cadence and then 4-9pm at lulu.. so I was a sleepy cat. Happy to report that won’t be happening anymore and I will have normal sleep patterns again.

This would be me at 4am waking up for my 6am shift.

Coffee, news, blog, blanket.


I worked on Valentines day and it was actually really fun. My job that day included taking polaroid photos of people coming in. Neat right? People loved it and while I can’t share their photos, some of my friends came in and I will share those.

IMG_0533 IMG_0553

I will be the first to say that I love love and I was stoked on V-Day in the morning but by about 3pm I was over it. So many rose bouquets that I was ready to take one and throw it out the window :D oops.

Then I came home to my brother’s house and found this in the fridge.


So I’m not sure what him and Lyndall (gf) are proud of or what exactly I’m supposed to “kill” but I will take it! Delicious tiramisu for me :) Yum. And there I was back to loving Valentines Day again.


Aside from that I have been working out as per usual. Spin, circuit workouts, and I went for my first 10km in about a decade yesterday.

Studeo55 – no that is not me, come on now I’m not that talented or strong.



It was absolutely beautiful out for my run yesterday! 10 degrees, sunny, and just plain amazing.


So happy I’m not living in -40 Toronto right now :)

Anyway, happy to report that 2015 is already looking like it’s going to be a darn good year.


  • Brittany says:

    AHH that new job sounds SO WONDERFUL!!! I am so excited for you. Isn’t the Vitababy just amazing!?! My second job was at a smoothie shop and after working with those blenders all day I HAD to have my own. Only I ended up buying a Blendtec instead, which I adore too!! My mom has a Vitamix so I can use that if I want. HA. You are looking SO CUTE my friend. Can I come live with you guys? I made good coffee and lots of treats.

    • Britta says:

      Gah I need a vitamix or remotely awesome blender! I’ve heard great things about the blendtec and it is much less $$ so I may go for that one too :) Yes please come live with us!!! You know you always have a place to stay if you come to Vancouver XO

      • Amy says:

        COME VISIT ME!!! you can use my Vitamix as much as you want!!!!! Also, spin instructor? I’ll have to make a trip to Vic JUST to take one of your classes! We need to plan a hang out one of these weekends…let’s talk about it :) xoxoxo

  • I will forever envy working at Lulu ;) but that second job sounds awesome. i’m actually in hunt for new job and I think I’m going to be looking at working two part time jobs in a field that i love/enjoy versus doing the ‘traditional’ 40 hr work week somewhere i’m miserable. time will tell :)

    saving for a vitamix was one of the best choices i made! =]

    • Britta says:

      Yay for new job hunting! It’s funny, there is something so nice about working a 9-5 monday to friday…sometimes I envy those people because life seems so much easier in terms of planning. However, whenever I go to work I don’t actually feel like I’m at “work” – so perks of both!! I want a vitamin so so bad…wahoo for smoothies and all the yummy things!

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