Welp, like just about every twenty-something I have no idea what I am actually doing with my life.

But I will share with you what I do know.

Farmers Markets make me giddy. Books are great for daydreaming and escaping reality, even just for 30 minutes. Local food tastes way better than the stuff you can buy at the grocery store. Family comes first, always. I don’t care if it costs you $1500 to fly home for Christmas – do it.


Rain is beautiful and comforting. Christmas is the best time of year. Recipes are meant to be challenged, burnt, and often failed. A nice long run is often just what the heart and mind needs. Food is medicine.


Cherish moments and people, not things – things are replaceable. You cannot get sugar free or fat freeĀ chocolate cream pots to taste as good as the real kind with real full-fat cream and real eggs. My mother would call it food for the soul and I agree.


I’ve only recently realizedĀ the reason why I blog.

I’m glad you’re here. Stay a while and find out more.

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